Practice Areas

Marriage and family matters
     In marriage and family, whether you are parents, children, brothers and sisters, or husband and wife, lovers, have encountered such or such family problems. In recent years, with the development of society, the inheritance of wealth, value preservation and appreciation has become a hot spot in family legal services. Seeking legal help is the best way to deal with it.

     All the senior marriage lawyer teams of dongdazhou law have engaged in many years' practice, and have undertaken a large number of marriage and family affairs cases, including marriage property disputes, divorce property division disputes, post divorce damage compensation disputes, cohabitation property analysis disputes, child custody disputes, marital property agreement disputes, custody fees, change custody rights disputes, visitation rights disputes, etc., accumulating a wealth of marriage and family cases Trial skills and litigation experience.

Scope of business services
● divorce case agency;
● disputes over the maintenance of divorced children;
● foreign divorce case agency;
● divorce property division disputes;
● brokering for divorce by agreement;
● drafting of divorce agreement and separation agreement;
Drafting of divorce complaint and appeal;
● witness of lawyer's will and premarital property;
● witness of marital property agreement;
● agency for criminal cases of bigamy;
● family analysis case agent;