Practice Areas

Labor and Employment Law
       Labor law is related to the interests of both workers and employers. From the perspective of workers, workers are often in a weak position, and many labor rights and interests are difficult to be guaranteed. From the perspective of employers, labor relations are an essential part of enterprise development. Dongdazhou has a first-class professional team of Chinese labor law lawyers, and the professional team of labor law relies on its labor law industry We are always dedicated and enthusiastic, and highly praised in the industry.

      Dongdazhou is good at helping clients to solve various labor disputes (including complex cases and collective cases) in major cities across the country. It can help clients to establish labor and human resource management systems, handle daily labor affairs, and help clients to solve labor laws and employee arrangements related to their investment, merger and acquisition and other complex business transactions. The team is able to proactively identify risks, research strategies and solutions to help our customers operate in compliance and avoid labor disputes and lawsuits. When arbitration and litigation are inevitable, we quickly and efficiently form a service team to respond.

Scope of business services
Annual legal advisory services, special labor legal services, enterprise internal training services, internal risk review services. It includes:

Labor and employment compliance review:
-Draft and review employee handbook and other internal policies
-Draft and review the labor contract and terminate the agreement
-Conduct internal compliance investigations in accordance with relevant international (including U.S. foreign anti corruption law) and domestic laws and regulations
-Conduct due diligence and daily training on compliance with employment law.

Consultation and opinion:
-Advice on overtime, holidays and rest, social insurance, labor dispatch and outsourcing, protection and anti discrimination of female employees, employment of foreigners, occupational health and work-related injuries
-Provide opinions and implementation plans on staff termination and staff transfer caused by elimination of redundant personnel, early dissolution of the company, merger and acquisition and business divestiture
-Advising on ESOP and other benefit plans.

Employee relationship and crisis management:
-Advice on trade unions and collective bargaining
-Plan for redundancy compensation and implementation plan; and
-Provide on-site support and crisis management for strikes, lockouts and other collective actions.

Arbitration and litigation:
-Participate in the whole process settlement of labor disputes on behalf of customers
-Measuring litigation risk and developing litigation strategies and
-Assess the systematic risk of the customer afterwards.

Anti discrimination, privacy protection, trade secrets and non competition
-Advice on anti discrimination and employee privacy protection
-Draft and review confidentiality agreement and non competition agreement
-Initiate legal actions on behalf of customers against former employees and competitors
-Provide suggestions on the protection mechanism of trade secrets.